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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/20/2017

What do you think about WwwWario's new fighting game?
I think it's...pretty strange, but not a bad idea tbh
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• 10/8/2016

What Do You Want For This Wiki?

Post your ideas and thoughts of what you want this wiki to become down below. By this I mean how the wiki should be run and what should be allowed on it.
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• 5/31/2016

Oh god, not again...

Hey. This is FNAF other, and I once again forgot my password to my account. Again.
Well, i was'int planning to be active this summer, anyways. BUT! I will be on my Youtube channle!
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• 3/16/2016


pezon wo guzes get kiten.1
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• 3/7/2016

the first offical rant page!

wanna talk about the worst things about MKS? well, now you can! this page was made so we can fix the problomes you guys say. so...RUN WILD!!!
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• 3/3/2016

Nintendo Direct opinions?

Spoilers if you haven't watched the direct yet.
Which parts were the best/worst?
I'd say the best parts were the SMM update annoucement and the new Kirby game announcment.
Worst part was definitely the new Paper Mario game announcement. Looks as bad as Sticker Star.
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• 3/3/2016

Poll of the Month and Player of the Week.

If they ever come back, I think Poll of the Month should be weekly and Player of the Week should be monthly (they'd have to be renamed, of course). It makes more sense.
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• 2/28/2016

the dojo.

the dojo won't be another wiki, will it?
also, when will it come out?
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• 2/27/2016
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• 2/27/2016

a problome.

hello. its me, FNAFguy234. for some odd reson, i forgot my password. opss. so...if there is a random guy running around the wiki, thats most likley me. for now on, forums will be the way i go. so, ill still be around, just not in the blogs.
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• 11/6/2015

A Message

In early December, an old user will return. When, it is unclear;  who, it is a user who was a notable contributor to the wiki, who was one of the many victims of Epicnail's massacre.
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• 8/29/2015

Object Resizer (ObjResize.mfx) and Platform Movement Object (Platform.mfx)

Object Resizer and Platform Movement object download please. No installer as well. You can probably find the tools in your extensions folder found in the Multimedia Fusion 2 folder
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• 7/24/2015


This is gonna be my last day making a daily contribution. From now on I'll only comment when only necessary, which means I might not post for days. Don't worry tho I'll still check in daily
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• 7/11/2015

So Much Questions

What is MKS?
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• 6/22/2015


I Ask WWWWario If he can add wario-man! but No! He dosen't! he has none! So i decided to pick 2! Wario-Man and Thomas the tank engine!
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• 6/21/2015

Tolstar (Mod)

I'm starting a mod! It adds Tolstar from Superstar Saga. I've made a moveset (And yes, he plays a bit like Midbus, but that makes sense). So, here is said Moveset, if you have any better ideas, be sure to comment them!

NYECK! Moveset 
Basic Moveset: 
Bite: By pressing the A button, Tolstar will bite the enemy. This melee attack does 2 damage.
Body Bump: By pressing A + down, Tolstar will bump his opponent with his belly. This strong melee attack does 7 damage
Aerial Headbash: By pressing A + up, Tolstar will jump in the air and headbash his target. This close ranged melee attack does 3 damage
Charge: By pressing either side button + A, Tolstar jumps forward. This dash attack does 2 damage.
Headbash: By tapping A + either side button, Tolstar will slam both his head down. This close ranged melee attack does 3 damage
Spiked Ball: By pressing the B button, Tolstar throws an spiked ball. This ranged attack does 4 damage.
NYECK!: By pressing B + down, Tolstar laughs and hurts the target. This attack does 2 damage.
Flutter: By pressing B + up, Tolstar flutters up with his tiny wings. Stars come out of his...bottom and hurts the target. This ranged attack does 2 damage.
Showdown Attack: 
Cannon Ball!: Tolstar gets a cannon out, and flies into the opponent. This ranged attack does 16 damage.
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This post is locked.
• 6/9/2015

Extra Extra!

Epicnail killed the wiki, she is a faggot and is very smelly, Praise Wikia Contributor
TimmyBrock is a noob for defending her

also thebluehero has a amazing icon
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• 6/8/2015


Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Look. You guys are just killing this wiki faster. Yelling at Epicnail is not getting us anywhere. Is this fair to WwwWario? No. Is it fair to Epicnail? No. Epicnail has done somethings we might not agree on. But this has gone WAY to far. Why would anyone say this kind of stuff to a person they never met in real life? Epicnail, although I haven't been the kindest to him either, doesn't deserve this. If this is how we are going to act, then this wiki deserves to die. Epicnail really hasn't done anything wrong. He was just stricter than this wiki wanted.
I'm sorry Epicnail and I hope you can forgive me. I forgive you. I hope everyone else will forgive you too. You were just doing what you thought was right.
Guys, please. This isn't right. Just stop it. Please. What would WwwWario want? This? I don't think so.
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• 6/4/2015

Plan A: Staff Reset

Here is the first part of my plan to save the wiki. I'm not putting it into effect until I get at least 50% of votes. Please read all of the following before voting. Keep in mind this will not take effect just yet.

Step 1:  Everyone who wants to be a staff member, write a blogpost. In the blogpost it should say how long you have been on the wiki and why you being a staff member can help the wiki.
Step 2: Wiki vote. WwwWario instantly get's bureaucrat for obvious reasons. How many of each position we will have will depend on the amount of runners.
Step 3: Remove all staff positions and replace them with the new ones.

You get to vote on who's an admin.
It will settle several disputes on who should or shouldn't have admin.
Everyone has a fair chance.
If you have a position right now, you have a chance of losing it.
You have to write a blogpost. I know.
What are your thoughts? Let me know. Remember you can partially agree/disagree.
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