E. Gadd's Lab
Elvin And Wart
E.Gadd fighting Wart
Added in v.0.4
Unlockable? No
From Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Based on E. Gadd's Laboratory

E. Gadd's Lab is a stage in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. It was added in v.0.4.

Features Edit

The stage features a flat surface with two higher platforms on both sides, as you can stand on the shelf and the machine. There are walls on both sides, meaning you can't fall off of the stage. This stage is categorized as a counterpick stage. It is a pretty flat stage with a couple platforms. Although the stage isn't too big, campers do have an advantage here, but they don't completely control the stage unlike they do in stages like Pipe Battlefield and Mario Bros.

Trivia Edit