• HP 1
  • HP 50
  • HP 100
  • HP 200
  • HP 300
  • HP 400
Health Points (also known as health and long for HP) is your life in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. If the HP meter reaches zero, you'll get KO'd instantly. You can lower your opponent's HP by hitting them with attacks, projectiles or pushing them off the edge of the stage. You can regain your HP with a 1-Up Mushroom (or Heart Containers in earlier versions.), which increases your HP by 30. You can also adjust the starting amount of HP from 200 to 1, 50, 100, 300, or 400 in the Options menu. Also, in Classic Mode, your opponent's health with always be 100 (unless on Hard mode which will set your enemy's health to 200).

Glitches Edit