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None of this was added to Mushroom Kingdom Showdown by WwwWario. Instead, this was created by a fan. This does not come with the original game.

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 is a fan-made sequel to the original Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, being developed by the MKS 2 Dev Team. It was officially approved by WwwWario via Twitter. It is considered a half-official Fangame.

MKS 2 Logo
Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 is a complete overhaul and remake of MKS, adding new content. This Mod features new Characters like Mr. L, Ashley, and more. It also includes more Stages, Modes, Items and other miscellaneous improvements and features.

Characters Edit

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 will add multiple new playable characters. All playable characters from the original game will return, alongside the new fighters. Currently, three new fighters have been confirmed. More are to come soon.

Character Portrait Character Name Origin Added In...
Mr. L Artwork (Super Paper Mario)
Mr. L Super Paper Mario Demo 1
Ashley WarioWare: Touched! Demo 1
Secret Character 1 ??? Demo 1

Want to see more characters? Check out the Characters page on the MKS 2 Dojo!

Stages Edit

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 will feature every stage from the original game, alongside new stages (some reused from MKS Megamod and MKS Koopa Version). Currently six stages have been confirmed. With more to come.

Stage Preview

Stage Name Origin Added In...
IMG 26022016 170106
Subcon Super Mario Bros. 2 Demo 1
IMG 26022016 170215
Phanto's Temple Super Mario Bros. 2 Demo 1
IMG 04032016 180736
Yoshi's Story Yoshi's Story Demo 1
IMG 26022016 170438
WarioWare, Inc WarioWare, Inc.; Mega Microgames! ???
Boxing Ring
Boxing Ring Donkey Kong 64 ???
Secret Stage 1 ??? Demo 1

Want to see more stages? Check out the Stages page on the MKS 2 Dojo!

Modes Edit

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 is planned to feature multiple new modes, alongside the modes found in the original game.

Mode Name Description
Adventure Journey through multiple stages based on levels in the Super Mario series.
Tag Battle Switch between multiple fighters while in battle!

Want to see more modes? Check out the Gamemodes page on the MKS 2 Dojo!

Other Features Edit

  • Lock-On to MKS Megamod, Super Wario 10 Remastered and other unannounced titles to unlock exclusive bonus' and features. This acts like Free Exclusive Downloadable Content.
  • Brand new interface (Main Menu, Character Select, Stage Select, In-Game HUD).
  • More Alternate Costumes for most characters.
  • Alternative Music Tracks availible for stages.
  • The ability for certain characters to taunt.

More new features TBA!

Links Edit

  • You can download the currently release of the game here! Demo 1.5.2
  • The official Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 YouTube channel can be found here!
  • The Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 Dojo can be found here!

MKS 2 Dev Team Members Edit

  • Megapig9001- Main Programer
  • TheDakoopa - General Graphics
  • Supahwaffles - Main Programer
  • PKSmashOmega - Interface Design
  • RabidPlatypus - Co-Programer