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Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom Showdown WikiEdit

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom Showdown Wiki! This wiki focuses on Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, a fangame based on the Super Smash Bros. series; created by WwwWario! The game has been completed, and can be downloaded here! Check out this wiki's rules before you edit any pages!

The Mushroom Kingdom Showdown Wiki has 116 articles.


  • Characters - Read up about the combatants of this Showdown!
  • Stages - Study up on the arenas available to battle on!
  • Items - Use these to assist you in battle!
  • Gamemodes - Take a look at the modes you can compete in!
  • Mechanics - Learn all about the game's important mechanics!
  • Updates - Look back at the changes made to the game over time!
  • Mods - Check out these fan made modifications!
  • Easter Eggs - Hidden references found in the game!
  • Glitches - The flaws in the game's coding!
  • Tier List - A competitive list of the best fighters!
  • Leaks - Which leaks were true or false?

Poll of the Month Edit

October, 2016  

What is your favorite item in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown?

The poll was created at 20:16 on October 2, 2016, and so far 18 people voted.

Rate the Game! Edit

How many stars would you give to this game ?

The poll was created at 03:08 on October 8, 2016, and so far 20 people voted.

Player of The Month Edit

Rules: Edit

Whoever has the most votes by the end of the month wins. No there is no prize other than recognition by the fandom for being a respectable user. Edit

  • Only good and dedicated users can qualify.
    • Only six slots are availible per-month. Don't get offended if you aren't part of a poll.
    • The winner of the previous month won't be included in the next month.
    • WwwWario and TimmyBrock will never qualify, because they are the founders of this community. They are above bragging rights.
  • One vote per user.
    • You MAY vote for yourself, however if you win, remember that that might have been because of yourself. The point is: Be a good Samaritan and vote for someone else.

Latest Winner:Edit


Player of the Month - March, 2016

The poll was created at 00:26 on March 6, 2016, and so far 28 people voted.

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