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  • DA151874

    DA's MKS Mod Pack

    May 18, 2015 by DA151874

    Hey guess who jumped on the mod pack bandwagon

    This is just gonna be a mod that fixes stuff I dont like about the game

    Fixing some sprites and shiz

    And I am adding a few new characters

    The one I am making now is Nabbit over WwwWario


    Nabbit is now playable on AND ONLY PLAYABLE ON Mario Bros. Should I release a demo yet? YOU DECIDE!


    Can someone explain to me in detail exactly how to move Nabbit onto the other stages without totally messing them up? I know Andy said to copy and delete and stuff, but it still doesnt work. Sorry guys, but if I can't fix that, Nabbit will only be playable on Mario Bros.

    Stay Tuned

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  • DA151874

    Think Fast!

    May 16, 2015 by DA151874

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  • DA151874

    (Have you gotten The Laser Pointer 1 yet? If not, get it on gamejolt for free! )

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  • DA151874

    The Top Down Treasure Store

    February 25, 2015 by DA151874

    Welcome to the Top Down Treasure store! We give away Top Down Treasures, but be quick! We only have so many and we may run out of stock.

    To buy, request in the comments with the current date with your username and the TDT you want. You may only have 1 interaction with the store per day, so you can only buy one TDT per day and only preorder one per day. The preorders will be first come first serve, and if I get any others that havent been preordered they will go on the store. Collect away!

    Freddy: In Stock

    Bonnie: In Stock

    Chica: Preorders Not Open

    Foxy: In Stock

    Golden Freddy: Preorders Not Open

    Endoskeleton: Preorders Not Open

    Mike Schmidt: Preorders Not Open

    Toy Bonnie: Preorders Not Open

    Toy Freddy: In Stock

    Toy Chica: In Stock

    Mangle: Preorders Not …

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  • DA151874

    So due to popular request, Top Down Treasures are back. I will have a Top Down Treasure Thread, a Top Down Treasure Blog, and I will be on chat to give them away.

    Here is the first wave of Top Down Treasures!

    More info tommorow, leave comments :D

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