Wow, thanks for the positive feedback and compliments! I decided to start this for anyone who is interested:

What would __________ look like in MKS?

Yeah, you suggest a character and I make a fake of it. You can pick the character, stage, blurry or non blurry, and possibly a move too. This is all free, just remember that they take a bit to make. I will have 3 pictures per characters, and no you cannot suggest Rosalina or Shy Guy.

For those who don't know, here is a look at what some look like.

Im using my skills for good, not trolling!


FanRoster 1

Fan roster 1

Requests List:

King Boo for Xaton5000

King Boo (DKArcade)

King Boo's

Lemmy and Roy for Zeipein

Roy and Lemmy (Plaza)

Dark Bowser for Dfrthyui and Toadsworth for a Wikia Contributor

Toadsworth and dark Bowser (Princess Peachs castle)

Dark Bowser VS Toadsworth

Toadsworth for a wikia contributor

Toadsworth (Mario Circiut)

Toadsworth Vs Toadsworth

SuperMarioGlitchy4 for PonyFan1337

SMG4 (Youtube)

SMG4 on a Youtube Stage (Honestly never heard of this guy)

8-Bit Mario for Dfrthyui

8Bit Mario (MKS)

MKS 8 Bit Mario VS Mario

Daisy for JDizzleII

Daisy (Peaches Castle)

Daisy VS Peach (My favourite currently) Very Proud of this one

Dry Bowser and Morton for JDizzleII

DryBowser and Morton (Mushroom Kingdom)

Dry Bowser and Morton Koopa Jr. On Mushroom Kingdom. Old Version.

Captain Toad and Goomba for TheDoctorGoomba

Toad Goomba (Acorn Plains

Mike and Ashley for PonyFan1337

Ashley and Mike

Mike VS Ashley