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  • GoombaGames

    Hey guys! Quick update! Danzo's Qeust is now out and available for download! This demo features around 10 to 15 minutes of qeusting! However, don't get your hopes up, this is just a demo and far from the final product, or even the final product of the demo! If you want do download Danzo's qEUst, you can do so, by going to this medifire link!

    Or if you can't download it from mediafire, here is a dropbox link!

    Have fun playing the newest version of danzo's qEUst!

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  • GoombaGames

    Inbetween hours of developing Danzo's Quest, I normally like to work on other games. So when I saw the opportunity to make a game, in the form of a one day challenge, I was really excited. Here is the result! It's pretty bland and simple, but I do want to expand on it later! Here's the link!

    Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to move the guy, collect the fruits!

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  • GoombaGames

    This is a fanmade game for a streamer that I really enjoy watching. This game is going to be an rpg/zelda style game (RPG gameplay, with a Zelda overworld). I'm going to be posting updates and screenshots of the game and game devoplement here.

    This screen shot is for the "preview screen" before chapter one begins. (This will be sort of similar to Paper Mario's preview screen).

    As you can see, Danzo is represented by a different colored Ness with a scar. It may take a while to change the entire spreadsheet to match this color type, but he's here so yaaay.

    The chapter will be baised around Spook's Ghost House (Kappa). For a bit of background, Spook's Ghost House is a series of Mario Maker levels that I forced danzo to play. This has been sort of…

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  • GoombaGames

    im nubmer 1

    June 10, 2015 by GoombaGames

    Well if there is one thing that came good about the banning process... IS THAT I'M RANKED #1 IN ACHIEVEMENTS! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Eat that Yui and DA... man I feel a little bit sad now. :/

    TE  H END W L II C  o m

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  • GoombaGames

    I was going to make a comment about "saving" the people that are underaged, but I don't think I have enough or reliable evidence to back up my claims. But I do have one thing for EVERYONE on the wikia.

    • Abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other Wikia users; - ToU 

    I have seen some nasty comments on both ends saying mean things about one another, and (this part being directed to Epicnail) threatening AVERAGE users on the wikia. Not saying to end your jobs, but just try to be nicer, or come with lighter consequences that doesn't invovle scaring new or vertren users. Thanks! (PS I'm not back but I don't want to see the wikia die...)


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