I saw DA's blog post today and I said to myself, "Hey! Wouldn't it be cool

Bowser's castle

2 Shy Guys on a Bowser's Castle Stage

Leak 2 (Goom)

Brown Waluigi fighting White Link on Dry Dry Desert

if I take fan sugestions and make them into leaks?" Well here you go. Introducing, Fakes for Free 2! (Thanks DA for the idea) Leave in the comments what you want to see in the leak, (remember, I won't add the health bars). I have one already ready!

First Picture

Bowser's Castle stage with two shy guys. (An orange one and a green one). The Bowser's Castle stage will go a bit like Galaxy's Island as you can fall off, but no platforms are present. Shy Guys will be great to add, because they are cool.

Second Picture

Dry Dry Desert with Brown Waluigi and White Link. Not much to say about this leak because either, 1. it is already in the game, or 2. It won't happen ever. It was still a fun leak to make recoloring original sprites.

Third Picture

Leak 3 (Goom)

Wwwwario vs Wwwwaluigi

Youtube (Stage) with WwwWario and WwwWaluigi. I was only requested a match between WwwWario and WwwWaluigi, but I decide to go one layer deeper by added a Youtube stage. I made WwwWaluigi the rival WwwWario having opposite black and white clothes. The Youtube Stage has no cliffs and you can walk off the left and right. There are two platforms, Like Button and Unlike Button. I could have done better but I have to do homework now. :P