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  • Mightyzinn

    i went to check to see if it was still dead and oh my god its still alive.

    not going back because i'm still afraid its toxic

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  • Mightyzinn


    June 8, 2015 by Mightyzinn

    I apologize for starting this entire thing. I should have stayed gone. Sorry Epicnail, you don't deserve it. You did the right thing and then I hated on you for disagreeing. I was the one that made this post

    and I am really sorry. I am also sorry for letting my friend bash on you and not stop him. After this is all sorted out, I'm going to continue to quit the wiki. I won't come back when i'm 13, because I have better things to do. I want to leave you all with one thing.

    This is a wiki.



    And when was the last time anything surrounding MKS was posted?

    I don't.

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  • Mightyzinn

    I'm being framed.

    June 8, 2015 by Mightyzinn

    I f**ked up. What epicnail says I said, I did not say. Let me explain.


    A mod who knows me unbanned me. I am 12. You can ban me. Just let me prove I didn't do it.

    My friend, MightyGlory was a troll. He pulls stuff like this all the time. It really sucks. He found out what happened. He thought it would be funny to post that, so he did. I knew about it, and said eh.


    I was talking with people and got MightyGlory to post that thing. Forgot he did that. That was not my IP, it was MightyGlorys. I was IP banned on this wiki. I see what Epicnail says. Freak out. Im going to lose everything. I'm really depressed. I am really sorry Epicnail. I'll leave, I'll do anything. Just don't do this.

    PROOF: …

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  • Mightyzinn

    LAST EDIT: Acording to someone also mad, he researched it, and, if you have parents permission, you actually COULD make a account. Its too late, this is the last edit i'll make, but right here is the link to the wiki. R.I.P the old MKS wiki AND OUT OF THE SHADOWS COMES MKS WIKIS SAVIOR!

    Yo, its Mightyzinn. Been gone for a month now. Went to check the wiki today and saw that Epicnail was up to no good, causing trouble in the wiki. Becaue this is going to destroy the wiki. I will present to you...

    MKS WIKI 2.0

    THE AMAZING MKS WIKI (Not made with Wikia so Epicnail can't just go to the staff and be like (lol they breaking da rulez))

    I'm going to start recreating all of the pages on this wiki on it, and I …

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  • Mightyzinn

    I love you guys. Your amazing. You kept me happy for so long. I felt like I meant something here. I went through the hardest part of my life while I was here. I learned to accept myself for who I was, and to continue making games. And now i'm ready. I'm no longer going to be part of this wiki. But I believe in this wiki. I believe it can get better. If any of you need me, send me a tweet at twitter. You guys regained my faith in pretty much everything. Now i'm ready to leave.

    Thank You's:

    DA: You are a amazing friend. You are one of the best and coolest people I ever met. I wish I had talked to you more than I did here on the wiki. Your the reason I really wanted to continue making games, and why I started back up Carbon Fighters

    WwwWario: Wh…

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